Friday, October 10, 2008

The Story of the Hat

Our challenge this year for the Southern California Handweavers Guild was to have a conversation in fiber with either Piet Mondrian or Georgia O'Keeffe and use at least one of the Color Connects conference colors. All the Conversations will be exhibited at the Weaving and Fiber Festival on November 2 at the Torrance Cultural Center in Torrance California.

I created a hat. It is a 'Little Joe' cowboy hat covered in a mosaic of egg shells with a Mondrian inspired hat band.

These were the inspiration for the colors of my Mondrian Over Easy hat that I recently finished and will unveil to the group on Saturday. These are flowers from a garden down the street - we walk the dogs by these flowers almost everyday. They match nicely with the conference colors.

The band was straight when I wove it but during wet finishing I nudged it into a curve so the band would fit better on the hat.

Using egg shells as a surface design takes a bit of finesse, patience and steady hands. But the result is well worth the effort.

I love the hat. Can't wait for the Exhibit to be over so I can wear it.

If you are in Southern California on Sunday November 2 stop by and check it out in person at the Weaving & Fiber Festival taking place in the Torrance Cultural Center from 10pm to 4pm.


Leigh said...

Interesting. I find Mondrian exceptionally inspirational. You hat is is really nice.

Cherri said...

Very nice. Sounds like you have a very inspiring guild also.