Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Conversation in Fiber

For our Guild challenge this year, we have been challenged to have a conversation in fiber with either Georgia O'Keeffe or Piet Mondrian utilizing at least one of the conference colors for ColorConnects, a fiber conference spearheaded by the Association of Southern California Handweavers. It takes place in Riverside California in March 2009 and focuses on color.

So my challenge is fairly simple in concept. Have a conversation in fiber with O'Keeffe or Mondrian utilizing at least one color from a selection of five That's pretty much it -no further restrictions or limitations. Fiber is basically fiber and a conversation is basically that.

I have selected Mondrian. And have decided to create a hat encompassing a bit of a bird theme. I cannot think of anything less Mondrian than a bird. So now I have a challenge.

Clearly Mondrian's focus on proportion is critical to his pieces. The two concepts backing his most momentous pieces are contrast of proportion and contrast of hue. James Koehler discussed both of these in the color seminar I took at Convergence.

Before I do much study into either concept or the theories underlying Mondrian's pieces, I took a try at creating a Mondrian style design myself.

It looks a bit like Mondrian but just not right. Need to work on the mix of vertical and horizontal shapes as well as the position and quantity of the colors. I do like the three colors I have initially selected to use with the white and black. I need however to be open to using the other two possible colors also. When weaving with taquete the colors tend to blend a bit with the warp color as well as whatever is adjacent.

This will be the band of the hat. It needs to be 26 inches long and will be woven in sewing thread. When considering the proportions I need to remember that the viewer will not see the entire 26 inches at once.

More later...


Peg in South Carolina said...

This is going to be very interesting to follow. You are an amazingly creative weaver.

Jane said...

Love Piet Mondrian, and especially his integration of mathematic proportions with color and art. His influence is so far reaching, even today.

You, my dear, will do him justice -- you're so creative and talented!

Can't wait to see, see, see!