Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brick Wednesday Update

It's Wednesday again and I was able to fit a couple of bricks onto the tapestry wall I am weaving.

Today I wanted to try out that 'turn on the valley or mountain' concept. I have heard about it but never really explored it. I generally turn whenever to achieve whatever look I want to get...without any real thought about it. Koehler emphasized that you should be consistent in which you chose in each area for the best looking result.

Koehler explained that if you are weaving an area where one color is increasing and the other decreasing, you can achieve two different looks at the point the two colors change. The look depends upon whether you turn the brown yarn around the warp that is up or around the warp that is down. So I wove a brick and always turned the brown warp on the lower warp to see what would happen.

Yup...there is a difference. As you can see, on the bottom half, where the brown yarn is decreasing, turning on the lower warp yields a more ragged look than on the upper half of the photo where the brown yarn was increasing. Interesting.

So let's see...where two colors meet along a color will be increasing and the other will be decreasing. For a smoother line, have the decreasing one always turn on the upper warps [then, of course, the increasing one will then turn on the lower warps].

Hmmm...I think I will need to really focus on this next time I am weaving a section where the concept applies. Not the easiest thing to remember.

I wonder how the line would look if I alternated each time...

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