Monday, April 28, 2008

Beginning the Finish...again

I am in the midst of finishing my yardage for the Ebb Tide exhibit in Convergence. I need to send it off in May. You may recall it is a 13 foot maze which you can actually get through if you stare at it long enough and don't get lost. There are clues woven into the maze to help you along if you know your nautical flags, signage and regatta flag indicators. The clues can also distract you along the way.

For fun, I decided to weave a small solution key to go with the yardage. Like the yardage I start at the bottom...or in this case the finish.

I had some extra warp after finishing some beetles and bracelets which I had on queue. You can see the bracelets here and read about the beetles here. The photo shows the beginning of the solution key. I have kept some of the pictorial elements also. The piece is less than 3 inches wide.

Sometimes I think I am nuts...but this time the weaving is quite fun and makes me smile. The colors are cheerful. The weaving focused and intense. Once finished I may make a smaller one and turn it into a bracelet to wear at Convergence. I think it might be cute to have a bracelet with start and finish at each end...

1 comment:

Jane said...

Can't' wait to see the finished (no pun intended *grin*)product!

Love stopping in to see what you are up to, and am sorry that I won't be at Convergence to see your work in person.

You go girl!

Tally Ho,