Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bamboo Samples

I bought six cones of bamboo from Webs last year for some reason that has escaped me for many months. I've got a wedding to go to in June so I have decided to weave some material and make some sort of jacket.

Anyway, I have six cones of 10/2 bamboo which is similar to 20/2 silk in size and feel. I've never woven with bamboo so I figured I should do some sampling.

The photo shows two scarves I wove to experiment with sett [24 and 30 epi], the warp values [one is with only dark values, the other with all six colors repeated in the warp] and a variety of undulating twills. They are much brighter in person than the color in the photo.

For the jacket, I figure the 24 epi sett is best. The 30 epi works nicely on a scarf but doesn't seem quite right for a jacket. There are two undulating twills I like and the appearance of the dark values in the warp is my favorite.

As for the jacket, I have a number of options.

I bought this Six Panel Jacket pattern from Nadine Sanders which uses two different handwovens. It might be interesting using two different colors/twills of green for the panels and have a lapel of all six colors and a multitude of twills. I also saw a real easy pattern in Handwoven last year which got me started...ah...now I remember...that is why I bought the bamboo yarn in the first place. Plus, I have two other jacket patterns that I have bought at past Convergences but never used.

Choices, choices, choices...better choose soon since I need to warp and weave!

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