Monday, December 03, 2007

Man Overboard

It's the December crunch time...the time where I must focus on weaving at least ten rows a day in order to get this piece done in time for photos, slides, samples and mailing.

Today I did nineteen rows...quite a day. The biggest day yet. I have 139 more rows to do...the earlier ones are easier...the later ones more difficult. I have finished almost 6 feet of material [for context...what you see on the loom there in the photo is about five inches of yardage - the entire piece should be about 13 feet]. I am about 47% done.

The small red and yellow nautical flag is the man overboard flag. I have never understood this flag. Who has enough time when there is someone overboard to hoist a flag? In all the drills I have participated in, everyone had a job to do when someone falls one was told to hoist a flag.

I neglected to take a picture of the chart symbol for kelp. It's pretty subtle as is the reddish kelp beds that I am weaving. I have woven with a red and pink metallic thread with all the reddish threads underneath the navy and turquoise blues. By keeping it underneath I am hoping for a reddish sheen like the the kelp beds you see off the coast. I saw some great examples yesterday off of Malibu.

There is a great deal of subtlety in this piece. I am hoping with the right light it will all come through.

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