Thursday, December 06, 2007

Change in Course

Ah another photo that looks so similar to those in past postings.

Here I am almost 60% complete after making sure I complete at least ten rows per day. At this rate I could be could be done weaving in a couple of weeks. But finishing ten rows a day will become more difficult with the visitors, house guests, Christmas wrapping as well as the more difficult patterns coming up. But hope springs eternal.

This photo depicts a race flag communicating a change in course. It is a flag composed of horizontal blue, white, red, white and blue stripes. The tough part with this color scheme is that the blues and greens recede while the reds pop out. I tried to get the blue to show up more by making it a combination of two metallic blues. It's real hard to tell if it's a good/right color choice since I am viewing it horizontally...I really should stand on a tall chair and look down on it...I had that same problem on weaving tapestry on a horizontal surface - it's the reason I bought an upright tapestry loom.

Tomorrow I hope to cross the 100 row line...meaning I will only have 100 rows to go. The end...[actually the starting line] may be in sight!

PS Looking at the blow up of the photo above I just noticed an odd turquoise line running the middle of the piece...something to check out in the morning....broken thread? odd tension? stucky threads...hmmm.

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Laritza said...

I saw the line after you pointed it out. That is why I like taking pictures. I see mistakes I would have not seen otherwise.