Sunday, March 04, 2007


The sixteen harness table loom is finally warped.

Since I will be experimenting with a new loom and trying to come up with a design for the yardage exhibit I decided to weave bookmarks. They are small, contained and make nice gifts. I can do lots of design modifications and still end up with something useful. I had originally intended to weave two bookmarks at a time - one would have yellow warp and one mint green. In the end, it turns out I will be weaving one not two bookmarks at a time. So we will forget the 'one for me and one for you' mantra for the next month or so.

I may need to modify those warping rules a bit...31 x 4 is indeed still 124. But for some reason, both with and without a glass of wine, I divided by 2 instead of ... ahh no need to go into the math. Anyway, it turned out I ran out of yellow warp half way through warping the first bookmark and considering I had already started over once before and since was now warping back to front I decided to punt. I'd just use the remaining mint yarn for the rest of the bookmark. So now my piece will be half lemon yellow warp and half a minty green. It will be interesting to see how noticeable the color shift will be.

To summarize, the loom is warped. The initial pattern ready. The weft threads are chosen and in their respective shuttles ready to roll. The supplemental warps for the fringe are attached, all heddle errors fixed and the initial hem completed. Finally ready to weave - except for warping rule 6.

Rule 6. Newly warped looms need rest - always begin weaving to the morning sun.

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