Wednesday, December 13, 2006

99% Done - Part 2

The new loom is all put together.

Only needs adjustment of the shafts so each one shifts slightly downward in order to get a good shed. The shafts are supposed to go from 50 mm to 65 mm high to achieve the best result. Since there are 16 shafts, I decided it would be easier to use those plastic texslov pins vs. tying and re-tying knots to get the right slope. I ordered them yesterday morning from Village Spinning & Weaving - and they just arrived in the mail! We seem to have the fastest mail delivery from Solvang to West LA!

Since the loom was wider than I had imagined...the entire studio had to be re-arranged so both of my table looms, as well as the dogs, would have their 'spot'. Everything [yarn, papers, shuttles, WIP, lots of messes, books, stereo equipment, computers...] left the studio and was staged outside on the patio and in the hallway. A table was shortened and the furniture was moved around. Dust bunnies were collected. Then everything came back in or went into the trash.

Took about as long to put the loom together as it did to clean the studio; the jacket took longer.

Only a couple things remaining on the jacket. A couple inches of hand sewing must be re-done - that's the easy part. More importantly I must figure out what to do about the pockets. They are a bit big and heavy so they pull the jacket down or hang out the bottom unless my hands are in the pockets. I have come up with a number of options. Should I hand sew them to the outside of the jacket, sew them on the machine or perhaps just glue them together with some double sided interfacing. Not sure if the first will work well since the material is a bit delicate. Not sure if the third option will look good. I guess another option would be to sew or interface to the lining. I am still musing on this one....

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