Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Value Re-Visited

A follow-up on the odd result in the Color Works book which I blogged about a couple of days ago. I re-ordered the strips in the value order I think they should be in. A blue and a green moved up [darker] in value both by two levels. The others were close enough. I figure there is some distortion due to the printing as well as the shiny texture of the book pages.

The resulting spectrum of colors has a result is similar to this chart. The chart has more colors and I find it quite fascinating. The chart shows various colors with the warm colors on the left and cool colors on the right. Along the vertical axis is the value - with the lighter values on top and the darker values on the bottom. This clearly illustrates that different colors have their lowest value and highest value starting and ending in different positions along the scale.

A further update:

I just took all my yarn in value categories and split them between the warms and the cools. I wanted to see how they looked in a spectrum similar to that above. Here it is...

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