Friday, May 26, 2006

Mor[s]e I-Cords

I thought it might be fun to knit my name in morse code on an I-cord and have it hang on my sculpture [which is still in the conceptual stage.]

How well do you know your morse code?

A dot is one unit, a dash is three units and there is a space between letters equal to one unit. I tried to make it even easier to read by alternatating the colors of each letter. I used two different shades of red...which you may notice did not turn out pastel pink as my reds tend to do.

Don't remember your morse code? Here's a link for a cheat sheet.

For my I-cords one unit turned out to be about a foot. I tied the fifty foot skein at each dot, dash and space. I even used different colored yarn to indicate which spots should be which color. Like in construction I measured twice and cut I checked my plan twice and dyed once. Unfortunately I made a couple of small errors - one where I tied off one piece of yarn and another in the choice of color of yarn... and small errors do not make a spelling bee champion.

Next time I may follow my friend's suggestion of simply knitting the I-cord and dyeing the cord afterwards. Easier and less messy. But the knitting will be so boring unless I use some variegated yarn. Perhaps some of those leftovers from Dye Day will just do the trick.

If you work through the message in the picture you will get something like NAKARAK or KARAKAN depending upon which direction you read the I-cord. Neither is my name.

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