Saturday, April 08, 2006

My Yarn Man

This is my yarn man.

He is wearing my entire weaving stash.

My entire weaving stash is here - - a small piece of every type and color of yarn organized onto lots of different key rings. Some key rings represent what is in each box in the back closet - they are organized by color. Others represent yarns I have put together for some reason...all my Navajo yarn is on one ring...yarns from various tapestries I have done are on individual rings...yarns of similar types are on similar rings...lots of permutations...lots of yarn.

I find organizing my stash by this method extremely useful. I don't have to go into the closet, take down various boxes and dig through them in search of the perfect yarn. This way I just disrobe my yarn man and check out all the various yarns on the key chains he is wearing. If I want a specific yarn...I can then go to the one box where it is stored.

I just realized there is actually more yarn in my weaving stash...for the yarn I hand dyed, I do something different.

PS I will have to re-do this after my Stash Party

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