Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oh My!

I have never created anything that seemed so scary during and after its creation. I am teaching my niece how to crochet this evening so I thought I would practice a bit with some of that space dyed eye lash yarn that I had lying around.

I found some rust silk which looked quite nice with the eye lash stuff. I was planning on doing a long fairly thin scarf with a long inch wide rust stripe down the middle. The eye last yarn would be on each side. I crocheted the middle rust part first - looked quite good. But as the eye last yarn came on - oh it got so scary - the colors just said boo! I couldn't rip it out since the yarn was stuck all together. I could only move forward. I quickly decided that a thinner shorter piece would be better than the original plan. I decided to go with a lei style. It's all done but I still say its too scary to wear - I may have to put this away until Halloween.

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