Saturday, March 25, 2006

Additions to my Library

I have three new additions to my knitting book on shadow knitting and two weaving books.

I wish I had purchased The Tapestry Handbook by Carol Russel when I started weaving a few years ago. I can clearly see it will become my tapestry bible. It is particulary helpful for giving clues as to what values of colors to select in various hatching, pick & pick and other shading methods to acheive specific effects. Adding more shading & depth to my tapestries is my current objective. Should provide a better lauching pad for color selection, less ripping and a happier weaver.

To be truthful, I bought this other weaving book since it had taquete in the title. I haven't been able to find any information about this technique except for what I learned in Lillian Whipple's workshop on the topic. [For a lovely example of her work.] I just kind of push along, trying different approaches to accomplish whatever effect I am trying to acheive.

Most interesting, this book has a definition of taquete. Here it is:

"Taquete: The weft-faced compound tabby structure is woven with a unit threading system, a repetitious treadling order, and a double pass of four weft picks to create two block, two-color patterns. "

Hmmm...not exactly sure what all that means but I think I have taken the technique a bit further than this definition but it still seems close enough to be called taquete.

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