Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's Good to be Back

Ah, it is good to be back. Nothing as comforting as all your looms within reach and a working DSL line. Now, just because I was away does not mean I did not accomplish anything.

I spent several days in training for the Knitting Olympics. Hard to believe over 3000 knitters from around the world are participating! My training included learning the Cable Cast On, practicing knitting in a circle and discovering my purl was being knitted consistently backwards. So, I am now ready for the opening ceremonies.

On the weaving front Mr. Clean #2 is complete and ready for GRAND IDEAS in Grand Rapids...well...except for the required labeling and the addition of a hanging strip. The concept of the Vintage Cabinet TV set came out quite nicely. The chenille makes a nice wood and the diamonds reminded my sister of an old TV set we had. I included two small tassels on the weaving in case viewers wish to ignore the admonishment 'do not touch' and open the TV cabinet a bit more for a better view of the TV screen. You can see that Mr. Clean #2 seems a happier fellow with a much whiter shirt than the previous Mr. Clean - clearly a better advertisement for the product!

The dyed warp was twined and braided to form a 'wooden' decorative border on the TV cabinet. The dyed warp also created a bit of an issue since it started breaking around the last couple of inches of weaving. That's what I should expect after dyeing the warp three times!

Hmmm...I feel in the mood for a bookmark...


Merna said...

Very cool new old TV, Nicki! So 12 epi it is!

The able cast on is good to know, but the plain old backwards loop works well too. My nephew called to say that he heard about the Knitting Olympics on NPR. It was the geo-quiz one day last week -- with Stephanie being interviewed about it.

Leah said...

I'm a real novice knitter, but isn't a backwards purl really a knit stich? But, what do I know. I can only knit scarves... Perhaps I should stretch myself with the Olympics as well.

Mr. Clean looks so very... clean. Nice job.