Monday, January 30, 2006

In search of brown

I am away from my broadband connection and my many looms and equipment. I did bring my portable Shannock and have started warping it up for Mr. Clean #2 which I designed this morning.

I decided to use the warp as part of the design so I needed a nice brown warp. My first dye attempt had the red hit first so I ended up with a lovely magenta...nowhere close to brown. Used Createx liquid dye- the brown color. I avoided the black since I have found it pushes to green. Anyway, magenta was no good so I did it again...adding some marine blue, black and a pinch of yellow. I, obviously am not an exact dyer - I put a bit here and a bit there until I think I will get what I want. Well, didn't work this time...I got a lovely greyish purple. Nice color but not the brown I needed for Mr. Clean. So, being away from home and without my dye supplies I went to the grocery store and got some Rit Dark Brown. Mixed it up and low and beyold a lovely dark brown with a slight push to purple. Leave it to Rit to save the day!

Pictures will follow once I have a broadband connection...

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