Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Out with the Dust Bunnies

 Guess what I got for my birthday?  A Roomba! One of those small circular robots that vacuums your floor without you.   This seemed to be a perfect tie-in with my New Year's desire to keep my studio cleaner and more dust free.   And perhaps it would also be an enrichment activity for our chihuahuas.  How productive - weaving as well as cleaning!

 Here it is working in my studio.

Only problem - it sucks up loose thread.  Well you say, isn't that the point of a vacuum cleaner?  To pick up stuff on the floor - even thread?  But think of that thread which happens to be attached to a heddle ... here comes the Roomba...slurp...slurp...slurp... sucking it up...unwinding the thread effortlessly from the heddle... and so quietly until you grab it...or its all gone.  Then it moves on....relentlessly.

The Roomba next found a spool somewhere on the floor, a spool obviously out of my sight  I noticed later that the Roomba's wheels had turned from black to turquoise.  When I turned it over I saw a lot of turquoise thread wounded tightly around each wheel as well as all over the bristles.  Clearly, not thread I would be weaving with at any time in the future.

I have one re-cycling/re-purposing habit...I keep, collect and re-use my leftover Sulky thread... well at least those in colors I like. I like blue.  So I cut off the turquoise thread from my Roomba, packed it away like my other unusable threads...in Christmas balls.  The cleaning today yield two turquoise Christmas balls for next year's tree.  I usually don't fill more that one ball every couple months or so. Quite a productive day.

As for the chihuahuas, they don't find the Roomba enticing...but the Black & Decker Dustbuster continues to be their arch enemy.


Nancy C said...

Miss Daisy, my terrier mix, is sure that SOMEDAY she is going to kill my Dyson! I have to be esp careful when I'm using the wand attachment, since the suction is powerful enough to tear her tongue if she manages, as she always tries to do, to grab the working end! She managed to get one of the attachments off it once and took off...very, very proud of herself for at least WOUNDING the Beast! I think my workshop would give a Roomba a nervouse breakdown! (-; I use a small Shop-Vac, which will "eat" ANYTHING!

Susan Harvey said...

I have ordered a roomba with my airmiles points and its on the way! I think the whole concept is so neat. My brother and I went together to get one for our Dad for Christmas and he loves it. Being elderly and not able to vacuum due a bad back, it was the perfect gift for everyone. My brother now doesn't have to vacuum Dad's place anymore.

We have a large airedale and we are wondering what she will think of the new roaming 'toy'!