Friday, August 14, 2009

My Purple is Blue

I am playing around with the concept of simultaneous contrast with taquete in order to select the 'right' colors for a piece I have designed.

I haven't put any photos up since I have found it near impossible to photograph the color purple with either of my cameras regardless of the adjustments I make to the camera and light. It always comes out blue. Best I can do so far is to adjust the blues in photoshop but overall the colors are still no where close to true. I need to play around some more with the software and the cameras.

This is the best photo of the actual unwoven colors. I had them shaded from any direct light. They all shifted in color when woven.

Here is my sample woven with a purple background with a beetle in two near complements; adjusted in photoshop.

The hues, values and chromas do not look like they do in person. They have been impacted by the light, the camera, photoshop as well as the principle of simultaneous contrast.

Best to study the concept with the actual weavings in hand.



charlotte said...

I also find it difficult to photograph colors, a purple may look from strong red to almost blue to brown in my photos. And I haven't found any solution to the problem either.

Life Looms Large said...

I think white balance and a tool like photoshop or picnic are the answer. Picnic is free and online. I haven't done a lot with it...but my husband, much more of a photographer than I am, thinks it looks pretty good.

Love the beetles!


Deanna said...

I thought of white balance, too. Looking forward to hearing what works! I love the vibrance of the colors in your beetles!