Thursday, May 28, 2009


I finished another beetle today, it's a heliocopris from Thailand.

Actually, this time I wove both a male and a female beetle on the same piece. The male is bigger and has horns. You can see the male starting to be wound around the front beam in the photo. I couldn't get a good shot from the top of the loom due to the significant [perhaps excessive?] amount of metallic yarn and the various lights in my studio.

The bright blue piece in the front is one of my experiments with optical illusions in fiber. You are seeing the backside of a distorted checkerboard pattern. I am seeing what kind of optical illusions can transfer successfully from paper to fiber. Between each beetle I do a little experiment in optical illusions. I am making them the size of the opening in the framed greeting cards so I can later use them for that purpose.

Alternating between these two completely different projects keeps my creative juices flowing.


charlotte said...

I love your beetles! And the blue piece is very interresting, I like the colors too.

Notes from Nicki said...

It's tough to tell if the optical illusions are working or not when the pieces are on the loom. At some point, my curiosity will get the best of me and I will take what I have woven off the loom. I am hoping I finish ten beetles before that point!