Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Results of the Raffle

Yes, these are all mine. I won five beverage bags at the CNCH charity auction.

I came in on Sunday morning to find all five of them sitting at my spot in my tapestry workshop. What a pleasant surprise. I had tried to win back the beverage bag I made but it went to another lucky raffle winner. There seemed to be hundreds of beverage bags in the raffle...all different...all quite creative.

I have a jacquard one by Sheila O'Hara, a lovely twill by Judy Calder, a beverage bag made of paper rush done in plaiting wih a twist by L. Oller and a really fun one made of yo-yo's by Kay Tirsheck. My favorite is the one on the left - by Jan Muts called 'Revamped' - created by recycling old calendars, an empty cannister and fruit netting.

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