Saturday, January 03, 2009

Back to Pulling

Well, the holidays are over and its time to start pulling again on my tapestry spiral.

Now that I am focusing on this, I have found a good way to pull that seems efficient and as quick as I can make it without making a mess. You may recall this woven tapestry material is over 13 yards long and there are 32 warp ends. That is a lot of warp to pull.

The crossed out boxes on the spreadsheet indicate a triangle that has been pulled. It indicates I am about half done.

I think it will still take several more weeks of pulling before its all pulled. I am alternating between weaving my tapestry of Uranus and pulling this spiral. Both need to get done soon. Then it will have a bunch of finished, steaming, tweaking and mounting.

PS it really is not as neat and tidy a process as this photo would imply...

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