Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weaving & Dogs

I felt like I was back in the Caribbean today...specifically the day we sailed from Virgin Gorda to Anegada in the British Virgin Islands. It was a beautiful December day and the trade winds were up. We planned to sail most of the way to Anegada even though it would require some long tacks. We had a GPS so we could track where we were...we would sail...we would tack...we would sail...we would tack...we'd sail some more...we'd tack some more.

After several hours, we got nowhere. It turned out we kept going over the same spot over and over again. The wind was so strong that no matter how wide we tacked the wind would take us back to where we started. A bit of ground hog day on the water. In order to get to Anegada before night we changed our approach - turned on the autopilot along with the engine and motor sailed all the way.

Anegada - a fabulous spot...away from everywhere...if you ever have the chance to stop by - do it.

Anyway, yesterday I got to the half way point on my Mondrian inspired hat band. This morning I wove an inch or two and then decided I had to rip. I just couldn't stand a small imperfection about four inches down. It looked like I snagged one or two warp ends...remember that the warp is thread so it was a tiny, a very tiny imperfection. But boy with every pass of my shuttle the bigger and more noticeable it became.

The thing about imperfections in weaving is that once I notice them they continue to nag at me as I weave. The further I get from the imperfection the more it bothers me and the worse it looks. I know deep down I should just stop and rip & fix when I first notice it...but I often end up thinking - oh it won't show or I can fix it later. This time I had to rip out about 80 passes. Then I had the toughest time fixing it. I re-wove the same row about five times before I was happy. I figured if I was fixing it - I should at least be completely satisfied. I finally said...enough. Time to do something different - time to weave some bricks. Hopefully, tomorrow morning I should be able to catch up and be half way done on the hatband... again.

Today is Wednesday...on Wednesdays I am supposed to work on my bricks. I have been a bit tardy on this project missing several Wednesdays. It's not due until next I figure I have time.

I have now five rows of bricks with many more to come. The colors are starting to brighten as I move out of the browns and into the reds. Each brick has a different design. I get to weave whatever I feel like weaving - no structure. Only rule is that 'no brick is alike'. I finally broke down and created a color selection plan so I don't have to struggle with color selection.

I now find weaving my brick wall to be quite relaxing and fun. Similar to playing with the dogs.

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