Thursday, June 05, 2008

Nothing like weaving a brick

The second brick Wednesday came and went and another row of bricks have been layered into my wall. This row is all me the opportunity to easily visualize what happens when you use two alternating colors.

I started on the left with a half of brick in a solid twill with pink yarn. The twill goes in reverse to the one immediately below. Half way through weaving this half a brick, I had one of those 'duh' moments...those special moments when you realize the obvious. It's not that I didn't know it, it just never came to the top of my consciousness.

Anyway, what I noticed was the variance in the shadows created by the two twills going in opposite directions. Even though the two bricks where different colors, the shadows on the two bricks were quite different - particular when I moved my lamp around to shine the light on it.

I realized this would be a wonderful way to achieve a different look in my Tapestry Study in Black that I am about ready to weave. The tapestry will be entirely in black yarns and depict Uranus and it 23 moons. Since all the yarns will be black, value will not be an issue nor will hue selection. The key will be to achieve the successful depiction of subject and creation of visual variety & interest entirely through the sheen of different yarns. Now I realize the warp pattern I use will be another tool in my tool box.

Nothing beats weaving a brick.

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Anonymous said...

"... visual variety & interest entirely through the sheen of different yarns."

Black yarns are so different from each other aside from sheen; some are greenish, some are bluish, etc. There's a lot of visual difference in the all black wedge weave strips I did a few years ago. There were two all black tapestries in the ATB in Denver and one in the one after that. They're so interesting to look at.

Your bricks are really wonderful!