Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Let's Fly a Kite

Molokai has the greatest winds...perfect kite flying weather. This was a great opportunity to see if my Crackl'in Kite would fly.

I had designed it earlier for an exhibit at the Association of Southern California Handweavers conference in Visalia . I wrote about it earlier on my blog.

I folded up the box kite in a box so I could take it on the plane as a carry on. Once in Molokai I put it all back together and bought some kite string at the Big Wind Kite Shop in Maunaloa. It's a cool store with lots of kites and stuff from Thailand and similar spots. [It is actually one of the handful of stores on this island. One does not go to Molokai to shop. You will have much better luck at the Honolulu Airport!]

We forgot to bring the instructions as to how and where to tie on the string to the box kite. We tried a number of ways. It was fun[ny] trying to get the kite to fly. It was a bit lopsided and we had broken one of the side pieces of wood. We repaired it a bit with a bamboo skewer and yes it did fly.

The kite had a life of its own and would not fly like we wanted it to fly. Sometimes it flew in circles and sometimes it just hovered above the ground. But once it did get a nice lift and head into the sky. Here is the picture on the way up.

After some time, thought and lots of laughter we decided to put it away and try again the next day. We wanted to move the string from one side to the side where the fringe was to see if having the heaviest part of the kite nearer the ground would be a better way to get loft.

But...the next day...guess what...the winds died. It was the first time we have ever been in Molokai when there were no winds. Boy it was hot.

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