Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Painters' Studio

I have been decompressing from a week in Visalia at the ASCH [Association of Southern California Handweavers] conference which had the theme 'wildflowers of the Sierras'. I'll post some items about the conference over the next week or so.

Our Guild created a booth for the occasion. Here's a picture of it all set up in the exhibit hall. Almost all of our Guild participated.

The concept was fairly was a painters' studio in the mountains.

The painters had gone for a walk and picked some wildflowers that you can see out the window. The window is a tapestry that I wove.

The painters created a still life arrangement of those wildflowers sitting in a blue vase on a blue and lavender runner. The flowers were all made of woven fiber or crocheted yarns. It's in the center of the booth.

The painters then created a variety of pieces which were their interpretations of the the still life flower arrangement. They were all painted in fiber...woven, knitted, quilted, embroidered, glued...all done in the conference colors. All quite different but all most interestingly similar.

Overall it came out quite nicely. Looking at the photo again, the booth could have used a blue rug. But never the less, the booth won two awards - - Best Interpretation of Theme and Best Use of Booth Space.

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Anonymous said...

A blue rug -- what a good idea! And I happen to have a double corduroy woven one too. You did a great job organizing your vision, CFS!