Sunday, September 17, 2006

Oh my!

Oh my! Does this look like my weaving studio? No, the room seems to have been taken over by those alien beings resembling sewing machines!

Oh my! They have taken over the loom space...moving the Purrington eight harness to the floor. The varpapuu is already on the floor and the tapestry loom hiding behind the door.

Oh my! Look they they seem to be eating all my wonderful sewing thread that I use for taquete.

Oh my! What is the best way to fight these sewing demons? There is only one sure fire method to get them gone. All yardage must be sticken from the room. Then, eventually they will become hungry and go and search for food - yardage elsewhere. Perhaps at your house....

Here's the yardage that must go...


Emma said...

If it must go, it can go to my house. (grin) You do beautiful work. I enjoyed following the creation of your dish towels.

Anonymous said...

My loom sits forlornly in the corner of my living room with a warp from 2 years ago. Needing a boost to get my weaving juices going again, I decided to look for blogs written by fellow weavers and came upon yours first. Lovely work! And 6 shafts/10 treadles...I am very jealous! (4 shaft table loom owner) Looking forward to reading more of your creations.

Jane said...

Have loved your chronicles of the dish towels! Especially when you were getting near the end of the warp.

I love spending as much time at my floor loom (8 shaft LeClerc/10 treadles)as possible, and have finally purchased a lovely J-made 4 shaft table loom for smaller projects, samples, and workshops.

That being said, I'm often anxious to end a long warp and get on with something new. So many creative ideas, and only a half a lifetime left to do them.

Can't wait to see what you're up to next!