Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One Done...many more to go

Just finished my first towel. Much to my chagrin, I discovered one of the pedals was tied up incorrectly - a minor change...only one shaft was off...and it's tough to see any difference in the pattern. Whew!

Now, I just get to weave away; a couple hours a day in the morning. Great upper arm exercise - throwing all those shuttles back and forth. The only real issue is what colors to chose for each towel. I need a dark, a medium value and one or two light values. Here are the cottolin choices I have.

For the towel in the recent photos, I used the violet situated two spots from the right, the dark purple three from the left and the lightest green in the front for the pattern wefts. The warp used is the smallest avocado colored cone which I also used as the tabby.

Next I think I will go with a greater value constrast. I won't be sure until I start weaving...

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