Thursday, August 17, 2006

The New Palette

Here is a close up of my yardage with the new palette.

Most interestingly, an entire unit of pattern is 216 throws of the shuttle! That comes out to 6.25 inches per pattern unit. That means I need only 5 or 6 units per towel.

I am doing the sample with five units - each a variation of summer and winter. So far I have done pair x's, dukagang-fashion and singles. The one shown here is singles. I will do the alternate dukagang and pair o's. If I need another six inches I could add pair x's with the tabby reversed. But I am hoping five will be enough for a good sized towel.

If all work out nicely I may do all the dish towels in as summer & winter samplers. So for the weavers out there who receive my dishtowels...they can serve double duty - not only do they dry dishes - they also provide an illustration of the varieties of S&W.

I found one error in the pattern which made violet show up when it should be green in a given block. It is now starting to look more like ribbon. Overall, it is still a bit too green for what I had in mind. I may try on the next one to use two shades of purple and light green. I think that is actually what I had originally intended.

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