Friday, August 11, 2006

More Details

Here are a couple more shots of my yardage for my Xmas jacket.

This is a close up of the fabric strips. I take the fabric and cut it up into strips a bit smaller than one half an inch. I leave about an inch uncut so the strips will stay in order - I do want the pattern to come out! When I weave, I simply cut off the next strip, place it in the shed facing the right direction and laying flat, open the next shed and beat. No folding nor ironing. The fabric seems to fold itself. Next the weft yarn goes into the shed and I 'lock' the weft yarn around the the last fabric strip so it won't unravel later. That's it. Makes for a pleasant weaving time - productive and methodical.

Here's a better picture showing both sides. This fabric was a batik so the back and front are fairly similar. The front has some gold leaf painted on. The back does not. The two sides look different largely due to the warp. I warped the piece so that red warp came up on one shed and all golden yellow lifted on the other shed. I had originally intended to use the side with the yellow warp showing for the outside of the jacket. It's less 'Christmas-y' and perhaps I could wear it through out the year but the red side is quite beautiful...hence my thoughts of a reversible jacket.


Charleen said...

Thanks for giving more details. I like not having to sew the strips and wind the shuttles, all while making sure to keep the same order. Great idea to make it reversible, too.

The Purloined Letter said...

Such lovely fabric! Weaving is definitely my next fiber addiction. Reading your blog inspires me.