Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Baby Blue Eyes

I continue to plod along weaving my summer & winter dish towels. I think I have completed four, perhaps five...I stopped counting. I am thinking the end of the warp may be in sight...perhaps one or two more towels to go. My beat has become quite regular and much lighter than the first towel...each pattern repeat has grown by an inch...given that there are five pattern repeats per towel then the towels will be five inches longer...hopefully they will shrink more. I would hate to exchange dish towels the size of a beach towel!

I weave first thing in the morning on the towels...who needs light with a repeatable pattern. For a challenge I am trying to weave some taquete [almost] free form to create some yardage to make wildflowers. Here is my first attempt.... the camera does not do this justice...the yardage is much closer in color to the flowers and much less pink. I don't want to use white so I am using a metallic light lavender thread for the middle of the flowers and it seems to push pink in the photo. The pattern is quite subtle; you can only see it clearly in the right light from the right angle. Perhaps a bit too subtle...

I am going to go a couple more rounds with the baby blue eyes then move on to Sierra Gentians, poppies and flax.

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