Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Week of Weaving

I have been weaving steadily on my taquete scarf for the last several days. I could take a picture...but it would look almost like this...but with 44.5 inches woven and visually it now has a bit more green. A few more days of steady weaving and it should be complete.

I have modified my color scheme a bit...I am running through pale greens into pale yellows - which with all the blue will still tilt towards green...the change in color is one may notice except those who sit next to me and are bored with whatever is going on and just stare at the scarf for awhile. Each beetle is also different...I have designed some new ones and added some old favorites. I kept with a similar design as the bookmarks - it is essentially nine bookmarks with a different design added for the top and bottom.

I am almost out of black thread...I've got a 40% off coupon for Joann's so a field trip is in order for today. First I think I will go and finish a module of beetles - -I am using a variegated thread for the first time. The effect is interesting to watch appear as I weave.

ps. if you want an update on my Value Project...

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