Monday, June 05, 2006

More Bugs on the Way

Ah I feel so productive...I am finally weaving on my Purrington eight harness table of my favorites for taquete. It took forever to warp this one...but I am finally weaving and so I am content.

And what am I weaving? Bugs of course. I am again in search of something to wear with blue jeans...I seem to have no blue accessories. So a lovely blue bug scarf is on the way. One foot done [or twelve bug feet] and about five more to go. Not bad for one day of weaving!

I am doing high value gradations from pale blue through lite yellow greens into the pale yellows and back again to lite blues. I am putting Sulky holoshimmer thread in sea green, two blues and a yellow green as accents for the inside of the bugs. The entire palette is close to a high major key so it will be interesting to see if it evokes boldness, strength and positive energy or if it will shift towards the high major with more of a peaceful and calm feeling.

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