Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Time Flies!

My, my, my where did the time seems like ages since I blogged last and I have been doing such interesting things too!

I just mailed off nineteen bookmarks for our bookmark exchange. Boy, that finishing took quite awhile...given that I made three sets of each bookmark...let's see that's 57 bookmarks; you can understand why it took so long. Plus, I got a serger and got to play with that for a couple of days before I serged the ends of the bookmarks.

Here's a picture of the bookmarks I did not send to this bookmark exchange. I kept one set for my records. So for each pattern I designed I will now have an actual example of what the woven beetle looks like. Plus, all the different color combinations are a good indication of what happens to various colors when used together. The second set is for friends and family...or perhaps the [another] upcoming bookmark exchange. Although, I am contemplating another idea for that next exchange....


Charleen said...

What a great idea to keep a sample for each pattern. I went back in your archives and saw the bug yardage. Very cool!

Fiberscriber said...

Thanks! I have always found the actual woven piece looks way different than the pattern or what I imagined it would look like.

Happy weaving!