Saturday, March 04, 2006


Nothing more satisfying than a "50% off all sewing thread" sale at Joann's. It's the only time to buy Sulky thread for my weavings.

Remember I mentioned that I had put on hold a slew of knitting books from the LA Public Library? Well, they are now coming in fast and furious. Got an email indicating four more have arrived at my branch. I had better hurry up and get through the ones I already have here!

Vogue Knitting: Scarves is a cute little book. I always like those little books - particularly when they are packed full of information with beautiful pictures and good ideas to boot. This book is a valuable one for me at my current beginning stage of knitting. It had a great table that answered those questions as to what a fingerling, or sport weight or Aran type yarn was. The table lays out all the various terms and weights. I remember being on a website in search of some yarn and no idea what all the terms meant. Now I just have to figure out what kind of yarn I like to knit with and what type of scarf I would actually wear.

Any ideas in the book for my Unique Scarf Project? Yes, there were several - - but much of the scarf do I put this...were 'dated'....or perhaps 'done before'. Oh did I mention the photos were excellent? They actually show both sides of the scarves not like the last book I looked at. I bet there were quite a few surprised knitters who tried to knit that scarf and expected both sides to look like the picture! Kudos to the photographers & editors on that point.

For my scarf project, I found the scarves with triangular ends interesting as well as the modular designs. The alternating chennile with rayon ribbon made appealing stripes. To capture all these various ideas for my scarf I am creating a collage which incorporates the parts of the various photos that I find interesting. Since I have a colored copier it is quite easy to do. I found the collage idea in the Illustrated Discovery Journal; creating a visual autobiography of your authentic self by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

One more book I think I can quickly cover here...ScarfSTYLE; innovative to traditional, 31 inspirational styles to knit and crochet. Yes, the ideas are innovative and inspirational; each designed by a different person. I liked the I cord fringe on the long side of one scarf designed by Kathryn Alexander. I loved flipping through the book, looking at the different designs - - not the traditional things I have been seeing in other scarf books. But having gone through the book several times I realized there was one really big problem with this book for my scarf project. I would not wear any of the items pictured in the book!

Off to the library to return and pick up more books!

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