Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Mailman was Good Today

Monday Afternoon - Late

I have been waiting for my mailman with great excitement every day since the 15th. That's the date that HGA was sending out the notices about whether pieces had been accepted to their many exhibits.

My mailman was good to me today. My 'bug' piece that I wove between Thanksgiving and New Year's was accepted for the HGA's Great Lengths exhibit to be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan this year. Whoopie! Doing a little dance...

The piece is titled It's Raining Beetles and contains 780 insects falling through a rainbow with each row a different design and different hue of the rainbow. There are sixty unique insect designs: fifty nine beetles and one ant. It was handwoven in taquete on an eight harness table loom with no computer assist. The entire piece is over fifteen feet long with over 12 miles of weft in over fifty colors. The weft is embroidary thread of 40 wt rayon, metallic, holographic and sliver.

The Juror Anna Zaharakos and Margaret Dunford made the following statement about the various pieces submitted:

"The range of work submited for this exhibit impressed us. The craftsmanship was evident in all the wroks, and the innovative combinations of materials and techniques intrigued us. We felt that the pieces of most interest were the ones that pushed the limitsof technique and combined techniques and materials in new ways. The use of color was also an important criterion: we looked for pieces that used color in innovative and sophsticated ways. We looked for interesting pieces that had visual complexity, and that revealed innovative exploration of technique, materials, and current and fresh color theory. Thank you for this oportunity; it was a pleasure to review all this great work."

I wonder how many artists submitted work for the exhibition and how many got in. I'm sure that info. will leak out soon.

In addition one of my rainbow taquete sculptures was accepted into the HGA's Celebration Exhibit in Grand Rapids. Plus, the mailman delivered a tapestry book I ordered. The mailman was good to me today! No...very very good.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your bug "yardage" looks beautiful - I can't wait to see your pieces in person!

I rarely post comments, but I did want to tell you that I'm reading your blog with great interest. I'm also a weaver who has recently forced myself to learn to knit (need something to do during lunch breaks and can't bring my looms with me).

Are you a member of Complex Weavers? They've got a great assortment of classes this year following Convergence...


Notes from Nicki said...


I always look at what Complex Weavers offers following Convergence and what HGA is offerring before Convergence and select one or the other. Can't do both since my brain has difficulty with more than five days of the intensity of the conference.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love how you left loops at the selvedges to highlight the color changes.

I'm a bug fan myself and love all the different beetle patterns. I assume you know there are more varieties of beetles than any other insect?