Friday, March 03, 2006

Getting in the Tapestry Mood

My tapestry group meets twice a month on Fridays...and it's Tapestry Friday!

Time to get in the tapestry mood...

I have dozens & dozens of cones of a beige silk/cotton blend that I use for my tapestries. You will remember that I am allergic to wool, so the standard tapestry yarn options are not for me. I dye the yarn with Procion into the colors and values that I need. Here are the color selections for my next tapestry. They are what I call wine country colors. They were my mothers favorites.
This will be a large tapestry for me. The cartoon is six feet tall and 18 inches wide. It is a rendition of My Mother. She was a weaver in Napa Valley and when she passed I got all her looms and yarns. That's when I started weaving. I've tweaked the cartoon a number of times...the last tweaking was to modify the body and face dimensions to follow the divine proportion. I found this great website that visually portrays the ratios on the human body. Quite amazing that the figures work out that way!

Now this mention of dyeing has reminded me of the knitting technique I thought I might try from Sara's website. She knitted some yarn into a rectangle, dyed it, frogged it and then knitted it all over again into a gorgeous shawl. I'm going to nickname this technique: KDFroK...pronounced Cadeefrock...for knit, dye, frog and knit. KDFroK might be a good technique to incorporate into the knitted scarf I am designing. A great way to have stripes which change color without any discontinuity on either side of the scarf. More on that later.

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