Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Back to the Library

I have a bunch of non-fiber related activities to do today but am hoping to fit in a quick trip to the library. I got another notice from the LA Public Library informing me I they have two more knitting books ready for pick up. So I need to go through that last knitting book I have so I can do a 'refresh' on my knitting reading.

If you like thick, heavy and bulky scarves...here's the book for you; Just Scarves: favorite patterns to knit and crochet by Lion Brand Yarns. Some of the scarves are knitted others are crocheted. If you see a scarf you like - you can tell exactly which yarn, how much to buy and what size needles to acheive the effect illustrated. My climate is not cold enough for these scarves. I doubt I will ever look at this book again.

I did take note of one scarf that was made of triangles combined into squares which joined as you knit. It was called a Jellybean Miter. I didn't care for the yarn illustrated but I think it might be fun to do with some hand dyed yarn. Dyeing yarn is my April project - hopefully when it is warmer. I am happy they showed photos of both the back and front of this scarf. The backside had raised lines where the triangles connect which made the scarf have an interesting design on the 'wrong' side...or perhaps it would be the 'right' side. There is also a nice crocheted scarf that I think my niece might like to crochet but I think I'll make it simpler since she is new to the sport.

I do hope I can slip in some weaving today too. I finished weaving my planet and am now working on Saturn's rings on my workshop piece. I was further but didn't like my first try at the rings so I ripped them out. Does one frog or tink a weaving? I think not. Ripping things out that have been knitted is...how to describe it...it seems so liberating and fun...with weaving it's just plain sad.

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Penny said...

"My climate is not cold enough for these scarves. I doubt I will ever look at this book again." ........but Sonoma and Tahoe can handle thick scarves!!