Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Knitting Olympics - the end is in sight!

Here is Bunkie modeling the cute belt I just finished as part of my 'learn to knit sampler'. It is supposed to go through the sweatshirt pocket and go around the piece. I made it with a slightly heavier yarn than the rest of the sampler since it looked too messy in the original yarn. Note the button...one from a previous workshop . I think it is just perfect for a chihuahua collar.

I have made great progress since I blogged last on my Sampler for the Knitting Olympics. I have learned to knit with two colors which was quite a feat. It seems similar to playing the piano where each hand has to do different things or rubbing your head and your stomach in different directions. It takes lots of patience and practice.

I also learned to darn and added a touch of green in the blue and white Scandinavian pattern. The most fun was near the top where I learned how to made intentional holes in the piece. Nothing better to plan to make a hole and have a hole appear where you want it. What have I experienced over the past week? I'd have a plan with no hole yet a hole would appear - the unintended hole. Here the plan was to have holes uniformly spaced around the piece so a knitted cord could go through. It worked! You can see the knitted white cord tied in a bow in the picture below.

The sampler has four different types of cast offs on the last round. I learned how to do a knitted cord cast off along with a loop that you can see attached to the door knob. The loop is a good idea to remember for future pieces...then there is a greater chance the piece will be hung up vs. end up laying on the floor somewhere.

The lace cast off is on the right at the top. I can imagine this as a little collar on a chihuahua coat. Please imagine that hole [I am sure you see it!] a bit smaller...it seems I lost a purl along the way and the hole turned out larger than it should have. There is also a section of cable cast off plus a hem with the initial 'B' knitted in. They don't show up well...you will need to trust me that they are there.

Only two more Olympic events to go...1. adding a pocket after the knitting is off the needles and 2. finishing up all those ends that are inside. I hope to finish tomorrow.

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