Saturday, February 25, 2006

Knitting in Public

Yesterday was the first day I knitted in public. I was attending a tax seminar all day and brought my knitting along. I kept the ball of yarn in my pocket and knitted in my lap. A few people watched...I mean really - which is more interesting - a power point presentation on taxation for 501(c)3 organizations or me knitting. I have no poker each time my yarn slipped or I counted wrong my face said it all.

For my next knitting project, I decided to work on something small and repetitive. The next item in The Sweater Workshop book was a sweater. That was way too much for me. I turned to the very last item in the book - a beaded rib scarf as my choice. The book helpfully points out ways to have good corners and no flare outs at the scarf ends. Once up and running there are only two patterns to memorize.

Slip 1, k2, *k2,p3*
Slip 1, k2, *p2,k1,p1,k1*,p2,k3

I can't say how many times I got all messed up with this seemingly simple pattern. Finally put three markers in so I would know quickly whether I had made an error or not. I have yet to master the undoing of stitches. It usually looks worse after I un-do and re-do than if I had not re-done at all. Hence, I need to catch any mistake as soon as possible.

I also got to try out those cool interchangeable knitting needles. I sampled 5-8 and decided I liked the 6 the best; although many seemed pretty similar. I am using a Cascade yarn called Pima Tencel in a lovely green. It is quite nice to feel; soft and smooth.

Am I still weaving?

Yes, I started up again yesterday. I finished the red, white and blue bookmark with some metallic thread as embellishment. Now I am working on a blue, white and red one with sliver metallic thread. I am interested in seeing how switching the colors alters the mood of the piece. In addition, I want to see how much longer the bookmark will be using sliver metallic vs. regular metallic thread. The sliver is more like a thin ribbon while the regular metallic seems thinner than rayon embroidery thread. I had a tough time weaving with the metallic thread since it kept unspooling. The sliver is heavier and it doesn't slip as much. I'll show a picture next time so everyone can come and contrast the two color permutations.

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