Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It will soon be time to knit. I have avoided knitting for all these years but I turn 50 this year...the age I said I would begin to knit. My weaving friends all knit - in order to avoid discussing why I do not knit I have always said 'I will not knit until I am 50'. That usually gets a giggle and stops all discussion of knitting on my part. Until now. Three days to my birthday.

I simply love to weave. I just finished some yardage I hope will be accepted for the Grand Yardage Exhibit at Convergence this year. 5+ yards of beetles failing through rainbows! It's done in taquete with miles and miles of embroidery thread. Once the weather is better, I will take a photo and post it here. I am consumed by weaving...both tapestry and taquete...I have two rooms filled with looms, yarn, thread and equipment....And several closets hiding related items.

Three days of weaving bliss - then it's time to knit!


Karenwvr said...

welcome to the knitting world and knowing you, this one will be as rich and glorious as the weaving one you love
oh, and happy b'day "kid"

Karen said...

happy b'day "kid" and
welcome to knitting
you'll take off with it just like weaving

Anonymous said...

I think the dogs are hoping for some traditional Laplander sock patterns for their sweaters this winter.

Fiberscriber said...

Oh my...four dogs...four feet...that's 16 socks! They may have to wait until next year!

penny bair said...

Are you knitting or have you found something to pospone your knitting commencement? -like putting together another loom

Fiberscriber said...

HAH! The new loom is all together...now if I just can figure out how to warp it!