Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm 50!

It happened...the twelve days of Christmas are over and I am a year older. And it's time to knit...I even received my first set of knitting needles at 5:30 this morning ... a lovely gift from my dear husband. He actually went to a knitting store ... Wild Fiber in Santa himself! What a sweetie! He had a great discussion with someone there about which needles to get ... he selected some Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles in a size 9 ... hmmm wonder what I can knit with a size 9 ... no idea!

He also got me two books ...Vogue Knitting - the Ultimate Knitting Book ... and Knitting Yarns and Spinning Tales. Both look good. The first for the basics and the chapter on different patterns - a stitch directory...similar to a weaving pattern book. The second book has a great tale by Amy Singer...someone like me who is allergic to wool...she has a great website ...
... it's got great pictures and all sorts of exciting stuff I might like to try... it's not even 7am and I am knitting in my mind!

[Is that mindless knitting? ... no... perhaps mindful knitting...not exactly... well at least virtual knitting! ]


Merna said...

And now you're a knitter. Do you mind? Was it mindless? Mindful? Never mind. Great things will grow from those needles.

Fiberscriber said...

I am quite mindful in my will be months before it becomes mindless...I can't believe some people knit in movie theaters!