Thursday, January 26, 2006

Filatura Di Crosa

Ah, here is something to think about...I received this Italian yarn for my birthday. It's called Vittoria by Filatura Di Crosa; 60% cotone mercerizzato/baumwolle and 40% viscosa/viskose...sell - it's not wool - that's good because I am allergic to wool. There is about 1540 yards. Great color and a very nice feel. It's pretty thin...thinner than my 20/2 silk but thicker than sewing thread.

So, what should I do with? Might make a lovely edging or lapel for a handwoven jacket. I will check to see how the color goes with the various yardage I bought in Molokai. When I was there I bought 5 yards of a variety of different Hawaiian and Polynesian patterns in hopes of weaving some yardage using the Trudie Robert's California Rags technique. It might work quite well.

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